Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Biszkopt z Galaretka - or Polish Jelly Cake

A few years ago I spent the summer working in an office in Warsaw, and during that time, every arrival, departure or celebratory occasion in the office was celebrated with cake. And the cake of choice seemed to be jelly cake (or Biszkopt z Galaretka I believe...). It came in a wide variety of flavours and styles - with and without cream, and using raspberries, strawberries, peaches and blueberries - endless possibilities!

Well at my current workplace, cake also plays an important part in the weekly schedule, with everyone taking their turn to provide 'Monday Cakes'. And 1st June was my turn. In honour of the gorgeous summery weather (and the fact that strawberries were on special offer at ASDA) I decided to recreate the jelly cake, of the strawberry no-cream variety.

I made a fatless whisked sponge for the base and after a LOT of trauma and worry that a) the jelly would just soak right in, or b) accidentally set in the jug whilst I was leaving it to thicken to prevent a) from happening... it all kind of worked out right. It seemed to be enjoyed by all, and definitely ticked the boxes of light and summery, so I'm sure there will be future experimentation of flavours on the cards...


  1. These look delicious! What recipe did you use for the fat free sponge?

  2. They tasted pretty good too I have to say! The recipe I used came from the Waitrose website, as I couldn't lay my hands on the recipe I'd used before. It turned out a bit sweeter than I expected, and if I made it again, I think I'd knock 25g or so off the sugar content, especially as the jelly is sweet too.

  3. ooooh. i have only heard of jelly cheesecake and not real jelly sponge cake!! cool! do you just mix the jelly using instructions on the box and topped it with strawberries? yours looks fantastic and yes i believe very delish!

  4. What I did was this - I baked the cake, took it out of the tin to cool and then once it was totally cold, put it back in the tin. I chopped up the strawbs and scattered them over the top of the cake, then made up the jelly with slightly less water (about 100ml less than the packet instructions) I used 2 blocks of jelly cubes and it did a 11x7 rectangular tin. I let the jelly cool in the mixing jug until it was starting to thicken but still pourable, and then tipped it all over the top of the cake and stuck it in the fridge overnight. If you pour the jelly on whilst it's still very running it will just soak through completely. Hope this makes sense!



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