Saturday, 31 October 2009

Vampire Fairy Cakes

It's Halloween today - how do I know this? Because at the centre where I was teaching my music classes this morning there were kids in fancy dress - vampires, bats, devils... Quite a lot of them too. At 10am on a Saturday morning. Which is really quite keen in my book! Anyway, I'm off to a Halloween party tonight - two in fact and I thought it was a good excuse to go in for some silly baking to take along. After a trawl of the web for ideas, I was taken by the Vampire Cupcakes on Baking Bites. And, lo, here are my fang-tastic creations...
I love the fact that the 'blood' in the bottom picture is even slightly heart shaped :o)

Since I like in Scotland and Corn Syrup and Cherry Pie Filling are not things that I generally have to hand or are easy to come by, I substituted some light Agave Syrup and used straight jam for the filling, so it's not quite as oozy as the original version. I also only had golden caster sugar, and forgot to put the water in to the icing, hence the fact that it's a slightly funny colour and a bit gritty!!!!! Ah well - all part of the learning process...


  1. Hi Ruth, I've just discovered blogging and I noticed on Facebook that you have a blog too. I've been having a wee look at your cakes - they are amazing! How do you find the time! Hope you're well xx

  2. Hey Ruth,

    Just found your blog from Paul's, what a brilliant idea, a cooking blog! I love it.

    Ruth x

    PS You can get cherry pie filling in the UK, in most supermarkets I think. My Mum uses it.



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