Thursday, 2 June 2011

Sometimes when Mini-M wont sleep...

... we give in, and let her stay up a while longer, and let her entertain herself for a while. Tonight was one of those nights in question. 7pm and she was bathed and pyjama-ed up, but refusing to drink any milk or go to sleep. So since an hour of screaming isn't really a fun option for any of the parties involved (including the neighbours!) she sat and played whilst I tried to finish off a sewing project.

Just that, about 3 mins in, my sewing machine broke - it keeps jamming and making some hideous and unhealthy clunking noises. I think it may need a trip to the sewing machine hospital :o( But by this time Mini-M was thoroughly engrossed with a bit of material, a stuffed duck billed platypus toy and a piece of crinkly paper.

So I looked about to see what I had to had that I could make something quick and easy with, to at least kid myself on I'd achieved something. Certainly not anything useful, but something nonetheless. So I settled on a scrap of red jersey cotton t-shirt material and a giant blue fake gerbera. And 15 mins later, Mini-M had a piece of ridiculous head wear!

I'm not even sure what it is - a headband I guess. A baby fascinator? There's a weird concept. Anyway, I think I might be on to something here. If every time she doesn't got to sleep I make her some weird accessory or item of clothing to wear, as she gets older and more opinionated about such things, she might realise that she can stop this from happening, but just going to bed! Either that or she'll develop an interesting dress sense...

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