Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Birthday Baprons

A few months back, I put up a post of a bib I'd made for Mini-M.

Since this summer has seen a flurry of 1st birthdays for some special little people, and since making the first one for Mini-M was such a great pattern to follow, I decided that I'd make birthday "baprons" (i.e. hybrid bib/aprons) for all of the summer birthdays.

So without further ado, here they are!

Up first, a lilac cord number for the lovely Miss D. I put a ribbon flower on one side, and some applique hearts on the other.

Next up, some manly bibs for the boys in the group - Master A, and Master D which very variations on a very similar theme. This is Master A's - Master D's was the same but in the opposite colour way, and unphotographed, due to my usual disorganisation.

For the beautiful Miss M, I opted for a wipe clean bib and added some cute little blue buttons to one side, and a wipe clean applique apple to the other.

And lastly, for the fabulous Miss A, I went for patchwork stripes, and cute little pocket with embroidered trim.

Voila - birthday bibs all round!


  1. wow such cute Baprons! I love the red and blue one especially and the ties are perfect for boys!

  2. These are so cute. I'd love to try making some but maybe I'll send this link to my sister or my mum who are much handier with a sewing machine than I am! Although maybe if I start now I'll have one done before baby is a year old!



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