Monday, 1 October 2012

Seasonal Surprise Ingredient Swap

I think it's time for another surprise ingredient swap!

Flour - an essential baking ingredient, but a boring one to swap!
I organised one in July to distract me from turning 30 which I was somewhat unenthusiastic about, and received a lovely little flurry of delicious looking entries (which you can see here). At the end, I also received quite a few requests to "do it again please!" so I am.

I'm calling this one 'seasonal' - interpret that as you will: autumn, winter, (heck summer, depending on what part of the world you're in), Halloween, Christmas etc etc etc.

Here's how it works...
  • You have from now until October 16th to register your interest - by commenting on this post, tweeting me @MakeyCakeyRuth or email me ruthie.ellis AT
  • On October 14th I'll pair everyone up and let them know their swap partners and people can then get in touch to exchange addresses, discuss likes, dislikes, allergies, price limits etc
  • You then have until 31st October to send your swap ingredient winging its way to your swap partner and vice versa.
  • Once you receive it, you've got until November 30th to bake up something delicious and seasonal with it, and send me a link to your completed post (or a photo if you're not a blogger).
  • On the 1st December, I'll post  round up of all of your no-doubt delicious offerings and we can begin December with the virtual smell of warm fresh baking wafting deliciously from our laptops!
Hopefully there will be enough interested people to make it work. Please feel free to share with anyone else you think might want to participate. And if you don't blog but like the thought of a surprise ingredient landing on your doorstep, like a very early Christmas present, then you can still join in - just take a photo of what you create and send me it via email and I'll make sure it's included in the roundup.

Don't all rush at once now...



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