Friday, 30 November 2012

Cake roundup!

I posted a recipe roundup a week or so back, of all the things I've made over the past 6 months and forgotten the recipes of, thus will never make blog posts of their own, but I have to confess I kept a few back... some cakes which are a little bit more special.

Hence this post to show them off on their own!

Starting off with one of my most recent decorating exploits - a cute little fairy for a little fairy's 5th birthday

An LP cake for a DJ...

A spiced chocolate and raspberry bundt cake to congratulate on an engagement

Some brush embroidery close ups

Some swirly butter icing roses with edible star sprinkles for a kitsch finish

Super bright multi-coloured cake crumbs...

6 layers of rainbow brightness hidden under the white icing :o)


  1. They are all amazing, Ruth. And all very different - you are obviously very versatile.
    That multicoloured one must have been something else. Were you not able to get a photo of all the layers?

    1. I was gutted - I forgot to take a photo whilst making it, and it was for a friends wedding, so it was all a bit hectic on the day itself! They cut it as their main cake though, and it looked super.

  2. What fabulous cakes Ruth, I do so wish you had entered them into our first birthday tea time treats challenge last month, as the theme was celebration cakes, and your cakes would have stole the show! Karen

    1. Gutted! Wish I'd realised, and I definitely would have - life's been rather chaotic this past month, and I've slightly lost track of what themes were what for various blog challenges. Hopefully a temporary blip and normal blogging service shall be resumed soon...



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