Saturday, 30 April 2016

More Cakes for a good cause

In March last year I posted a roundup of the first few cakes I had made since starting to volunteer for Free Cakes For Kids.

They are a community based charity which provides free birthday cakes, baked and decorated by volunteers, to children and families that would otherwise be unlikely to have one.

They have volunteer groups all across the UK, so if you think you'd like to use your cake decorating skills to bring a little bit of sunshine to children and young people coping with a whole range of difficult situations, then find one near you on the website and sign up!

A year on, and I've racked up a few more that I'd like to share.

High-heel shoes 
Football stadium (expressly requested with players) 
Power Rangers
The Incredibles 
BMX Scooter

Friday, 29 April 2016

Q1 2016 - the recipe-less, un-blogged, neglected creations!

Here's a quick run though things I've made, thought were tasty, successful or interesting enough to warrant a picture, but never got round to posting.

All recipes now well and truly forgotten too!

Mini cauliflower, tuna and rice crustless quiches
Spicy honey roasted parsnips
Japanese cabbage pancake 
Quick creamy tomato and almond pasta sauce: before...
Quick creamy tomato and almond pasta sauce: after
Mini caramel apple galettes
Green chicken noodle soup 
Mushroom stroganoff with creamy coconut yoghurt
Veggie meatball toad in the holes
Brown bread salad 
LOTS of little scones!
Mini chocolate-glazed cake doughnuts

Because you don't have to cook when you're on holiday...

So, we went on holiday at the start of April.

I planned a holiday-themed food blog post. Some nice photos, local produce, etc.

Instead, this is what I ended up with when sorting through the holiday snaps....

Tinned spaghetti hoops, heated in the can on mini stove, accompanied by peanut butter bagels. Sheltering behind  a rock from the wind.
Oatcakes. Topped with peanut butter (a recurring theme) and dried apricots. We actually ate these in the car, parked in front of a really lovely hotel, because it was too late in the day to stop for that long with Mini-M. And we looked like drowned rats from a wet walk.

Camping stove. Boiling water to make up instant noodle soup.
Marshmallow and sausage. Cremated together on the same stick.
Go us, and our high standard of culinary excellence....

(We were on holiday in Kintyre - bottom picture is Westport Beach. The fact that it was 8 degrees with squally heavy showers meant we had it to ourselves - the joys of Scottish holidays!)


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